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Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Hi Everyone, This is very exciting! Im here today writing my first post for my Blog and I Just thought I could start by talking about the skin products that a work with and strongly recommend to my clients. Since I decided to dive in to this wonderful world of beauty I have been experimenting many skin products that are good but not as Guinot Mary Cohr. Surely, everyone has different skin types and brand preferences, however I have to say that once you try any product or a treatment from Mary Cohr you will never regret.

Having said that that the company caters for any skin type and condition. I know it can sound a bit odd but I have been to many shops and tried many brands that were good to my skin but since Mary Cohr became part of my daily routine I could see the diference from day one. Mary Cohr is a Paris-based company specialising in skin-care and beauty products. The laboratories indeed select the best plants, from which the very best active ingredients are extracted; the latter are then incorporated into the products at the optimal concentrations in order to obtain the best beauty results for you.

Mary Cohr was the first beauty salon brand to create beauty treatments that are as natural as possible.

  1. GMO-free

  2. Paraben-free

  3. Chemical filter-free

  4. Skin-compatible scents - so that your skin can obtain nourishment from the best and the most active of the secrets held within plants.

Therapists such as myself, assist you in your quest to be beautiful by finding the best treatment to be administered at the right pace, with genuine results. Here at my salon you can experience the latest products and treatments. 

  1. Skin Purifyinfg

  2. Beaute Lifting

  3. Age Repair

  4. Dermo Peeling

  5. Beaute Aromatic

The products and treatments vary in prices and it all depends on your beauty goals. I am very happy to see you with no obligation for a skin consultation.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the webpage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. Find the Facebook page here and for more information about Mary Cohr you can visit www.marycohr.com

Photo sourced from Mary Cohr

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