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Prepare Your Skin Before Applying Make up

Hi everyone

Happy new year and let's start 2019 with a great habit by learning and practicing on how to prepare your skin before applying your make up.

Preparing your skin for makeup is a good practice. Besides taking care of your skin It will ensure that make up goes on evenly and stays put. The better your skin looks, the better the makeup will be. Therefore, take steps to cleanse your skin, apply moisturizer and prime the skin before beginning any makeup application.

It is best to apply makeup to clean skin so wash your skin with a gentle cleanser that will support your skin type. Look for a cream cleanser if your skin is dry, a gel or foam cleanser for oily skin and if you have combination skin look for cleansers that are designed specifically for combination skin.

If your skin is sensitive the best thing to do is to use the most gentle cleansers you could find. These will usually be made from plant oils and that is why I love Mary Cohr. It suits any skin type and its made from oils and plant extracts.

Apply a Tonner to swipe away any leftover dead skin cells, makeup, or other bacteria that your cleanser might have missed.

Avoid toners with alcohol as the main ingredient. It will dry your skin instead.

The next step is to exfoliate. I normally do twice a week (and it is enough). By exfoliating you will be removing the dead cell and reinvigorating the skin. I’

Choose the right moisturiser before applying makeup. During the day you can choose a lighter moisturizer that contains at least SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun and cold. If you struggle with breakouts or oily skin look for oil-free moisturisers that are non-comodogenic. For dry skin I can suggest creams that are a bit thicker. A thicker cream will also give you a more dewy look.

When applying your face cream make sure you massage your skin to help boost blood circulation. It will give the face a natural Glow!

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the webpage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. Find the Facebook page here and for more information about Mary Cohr you can visit www.marycohr.com

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