• Apply a rice grain sized amount of an after care cream once or twice a day using a cotton bud. Please be sure not to over apply as this can suffocate your skin and delay healing.

  • Do not get the treated area wet in the shower/bath/swimming pool etc.

  • No make up on or near the treated area.

  • No face creams/moisturisers on the treated area.

  • No heavy exercise, saunas, sun beds and keep the treated area out of the sun.

  • Do not touch, pick, scratch or rub the treated area or the colour will heal unevenly or cause scarring of infection.

  • Use a clean pillowcase and do not sleep on your face.

  • Limit hot showers and baths to avoid too much steam getting to the the treated area.

  • Keep your hair away from the treated area. (If you have a fringe then clip it back out of your face).

Please remember that the colour is up to 50% darker straight after the treatment and can take a little time to adjust to the colour and the new shape. The area will start to scab over very slightly and then begin to flake off, you will lose around 30-50% of the colour implanted over the next 7 days and after the first treatment they can be quite patchy and faded looking. The true colour will not come through until up to 4 weeks after the initial treatment. During the healing process, the colour may seem to have disappeared as it is obscured by the healing skin. Under no circumstances should you have further permanent cosmetic work undertaken during the 4-week period.
If the aftercare is not followed correctly then the finished result may not be desirable and you may need additional treatments which will be at a further cost to yourself.

Because everyone's skin is different and some people's skin takes better to it than others, multiple treatments are sometimes necessary which will be at a further cost to yourself.

When having a top up treatment, if the area being treated has faded too much or lost its shape then you may need a second top up treatment which will be at a further cost to yourself.

Infections and allergic reactions although very rare, can happen. To avoid infection please follow the aftercare instructions correctly. An allergic reaction response may include redness, severe itching, swelling, a rash, blistering, dryness or any other symptom associated with an allergy. If this happens, please contact your General Practitioner immediately.

In order to keep your permanent cosmetic work in perfect condition it may be necessary to have a maintenance procedure about every 6 to 12 months, though this will vary for each individual.

To avoid pigment fade for as long as possible, avoid excessive exposure to the sun or UV rays and use a good sunscreen or moisturiser with an SPF50.

If you are planning an MRI scan, chemical peel or any other similar procedures, please inform your practitioner that you have had permanent cosmetics.

You should not be eligible to give blood for 6 months after your procedure, please inform the National Blood Service of your procedure and date if you want to give blood.

If you are planning injections such as Botox and Collagen remember it can alter the shape of your lips and eyebrows.
Laser hair removal can fade and change the shade of your lips or brow procedures, always advice the laser technician you are wearing permanent cosmetics and they can act accordingly.

Swelling differs with each individual. To eliminate the swelling you can place ice on the treated areas every hour for about 10 minutes. Make sure you are rolling the ice - do not leave in one area. An additional pillow is advisable when sleeping that evening. Do not use eyelash curlers for 7 days after the procedure. New mascara has to be purchased but not to be used until at least 7 days after the procedure.
After eye procedures, eyelashes may stick together and eyelids appear red and puffy. If you are feeling less than 100% healthy it may take longer for your treatment to heal and symptoms may appear more prominent.

Your eyebrows need to be gently blotted to remove excess body fluids to eliminate crusting. Make sure you wash your hair with your head tilted backwards to stop water running down you face.

The anaesthetic will have worn off within 30 minutes and your colour will come back into your lip tissue. Ice can be applied the same as the eyeliner to relieve the burning sensation.

After 2 hours and before you go to bed gently blot the area with a damp cotton wool pad to remove excess body fluids and tiny blood spots to eliminate crusting. Apply the healing balm every hour whilst awake. Do not apply lipstick until after 7 days. It is possible that an allergic reaction to the ingredients of the lipstick may occur should you apply within this period.

Be careful when eating spicy, salty or citrus foods; avoid them if possible. Drink through a straw to prevent contact with contaminates and washing off your healing balm and also be careful when brushing your teeth.

If you suffer cold sores and are not using Zovirax or a similar product to prevent an outburst, I will not be responsible for excessive colour fading. I can guarantee a 90% chance you will have an outbreak of cold sores if  Zovirax or medication tablets are not used.