Semi Permanent Make-Up is a beauty enhancement in which pigments are infused into the skin in a method similar to conventional tattooing in order to create a shadow of colour that mimics the most perfectly applied make-up. The pigments sit in the skin and the effects remain all day every day, gradually fading over time. Semi Permanent Make-Up (also known as micro-pigmentation) is a revolutionary beauty treatment resulting in beautifully sculpted brows, enchantingly enhanced eyes and soft full lips which gives the subtle look of perfectly applied make-up 24/7.


Consultation and patch test are complimentry and are to be carried out 24 hours before your treatment. A £50 non refundable deposit is to be made at the time of the consultation and patch test.


Microblading | £285.00 

Colour Boost after 6 months  | £150.00


Powder Brows | £300.00

Colour Boost after 6 months | £150.00

Combo Brows | £350.00

Colour Boost after 6 months | £185.00


Lip Liner | £250.00

Colour Boost after 6 months | £150.00

Full Lip | £385.00

Colour Boost after 6 months | £180.00



Eye Liner | £285.00

Colour Boost after 6 months | £150.00

Tattoo removal service and price T.B.A

Cancellation of an appointment needs to be given 24 hours in advance. If not within the 24 hours, your deposit will be lost or a cancellation fee will be applied.

Other treatments available are: